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#BPM2019: Kemetic Yoga @ the Modjeska Simkins House

  • Modjeska Simkins House 2025 Marion Street Columbia, SC, 29201 United States (map)

What is Kemetic Yoga?

Kemetic Yoga was developed by studying, translating, and interpreting the hieroglyphic texts of Kemet (ancient Egypt) and the images of Yogic postures that are clearly pictured on the walls of the Kemetic temples. This ancient Egyptian healing and regenerative Yoga system is characterized by a series of geometrically progressive postures that create alignment of the spinal column and correct defects in the skeletal muscular system.

What are the benefits of Kemetic Yoga?

The benefits of Kemetic Yoga include stress relief, increased blood circulation, improved nutrient and oxygen supply to vital body systems, and more efficient and abundant flow of internal life force energy and cerebral spinal fluid throughout the entire body.

Who’s the Instructor?


Instructor Wendellyn Ladapo began her yoga journey in 2006 as a means to strengthen and gain flexibility with dance, but through the trials of life, grew to love the spiritual and mental wellbeing gained through the practice of yoga and meditation. She made the commitment to share and teach in 2014 when she enrolled in the Sakhi Yoga School under the the direction of Pamela Merriwether. Wendellyn avidly studies and shares the love of yoga in the community, and especially loves to share yoga and meditation with Seniors and those that feel physically or emotionally challenged.