African American Women's Giving Circle in SC

We're an intergenerational group of African-American women leveraging our collective work, wealth, and wisdom for a better South Carolina.

There is no doubt that women hold the key to improving not just their own lot in life, but that of their families and entire community. When you build up women, you build up nations. This is why Women Engaged must exist.

About Us

Women Engaged (W.E.) is a women's giving circle focused on resource development for African-American communities and causes across South Carolina.



our Core causes of interest include:

Economic Empowerment

Cultural Awareness

Positive Health Outcomes

Social Justice

Civic Literacy


Making impact

How we do what we do:



We host events and other unique experiences that raise awareness about causes identified by affected African-American communities.


We pool financial resources & leverage key relationships to support organized efforts that enrich African-American lives in South Carolina.


We invite other African-American women & allies to identify causes and support our efforts through their time, talent, or treasure.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Giving circle?

A giving circle is a group of people pooling their money, talents, or other resources and giving it to a chosen cause. Together, these individuals learn about issues, volunteer their time, and contribute in various ways to make a difference in their community.



What is Philanthropy?

The word ‘philanthropy’ means the love of humanity.  Any idea, event, or action that involves some sacrifice, attempts to address the root cause of a problem, and is done to better humanity is philanthropy.  This can include donating money to a charity, volunteering at a local shelter, or raising awareness about issues of social justice.



why is 'black philanthropy' a thing? (isn't giving just... giving ?)

It’s important to change the narrative and push back against stereotypes that African-Americans can only be recipients of philanthropy, or that giving back is reserved only for celebrities or the ultra-wealthy. For centuries, African-Americans have had to create our own institutions of giving (for civil rights, for education, etc).  We now have access to numerous tools and resources and these traditions of Black philanthropy and change-making are a topic long overdue for study, application, and celebration. 



how can i support w.e.?

There are three ways currently to get involved with W.E.:

Attend our informational gatherings and events, and sign-up for updates on our membership outreach efforts.

Help us understand the issues you care about by taking part in future surveys and sharing stories about individuals who are giving back in your family, neighborhood, school, and beyond.

3.  GIVE
Donate to support our initiatives for under-resourced African-American causes and communities across South Carolina.


Meet Our Founder

Anita Garrett

Anita is a social entrepreneur and strategic adviser who has worked in the fields of philanthropy and community engagement for more than 25 years helping develop leaders, build capacity, and create public/private partnerships globally.  Passionate about economic expansiveness and leveraging community resources, Anita learned the profound power of philanthropy and honed her skills at motivating others to appreciate the social assets of all. She has been an active volunteer throughout her life and serves on the board of directors for several agencies working to advance social justice, promote the arts, and address health and gender disparities. Anita has served on the Women United Global Leadership Council (United Way Worldwide), is a SC Education Policy Fellow, a Global Career Development Facilitator, and is a recipient of the TWIN Award (Tribute to Women In Industry) for her leadership in both the community and in business.


Connect with Anita:

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